Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacation beauty needs.


Before I went I vacation I stopped to get some simple beauty needs. So these are the amazing products I got.

001. mayebelline and Revlon bb cream. The Revlon was really thick and covered really nicely! But it was a lot lighter than the Maybelline one so in the middle of the trip I had to switch. Out of the two of these, Revlon was my favorite. I like my foundations to cover nicely and this one did the trick.

002. Cover girl eyeshadow palette. I always go to neutral palettes because I can easily go darker with it for nighttime activities. But this one had a metallic shine to it so I only used the brown one the entire time.

003. The waterproof Maybelline wasn't my favorite though. I like my mascaras to thicken my lashes. This just gave me some color on them. Not please but the black one worked so well!!! I even checked to see who made if but it isn't on the bottle.

004. The last one is my all time favorite liquid eyeliner by NYC!! It goes on so smoothly and stays on. Doesn't even fade!

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Keshia Glam said...

The NYC liner has been my favorite for about 3yrs but lately I've been trying to explore new liners. I'm your newest follower via GFC & Bloglovin'. Stop by my blog sometime xx