Monday, September 3, 2012

ootd: lovely day

top : marshall's  leggings : charlotte russe watch : kohls

For some reason I just loved the blurry picture. And I knew it was going to be blurry when I took it too. It's just different.

This outfit is the one I wore to work. Since I was there all day, it was my outfit of the day. It was really comfortable and it kept me warm too. It's a little chilly were I work, and we do have a fan on us too, but while running around it does get warm. But not too bad.

After work I ran to my boyfriend's to see his brother and tell him happy birthday. And of course I had to see my boyfriend :D btw, don't expect any pictures of him, he doesn't like them taken all that much. Which is fine by me. Gives me more opportunities to take pictures of myself (and no I'm not vain).

1 comment:

Kim said...

It looks like you are wearing one of the outfits I war all the time, and yes it is comfy :)