Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ootd: zoo and lake

When I first started dating my boyfriend I told him I wanted to go to the zoo this summer. And we finally went today, technically yesterday. It's about an hour away from where we live and we both had a few animals that we wanted to see. His were the birds (more specially the one with it's head tilted to the side) and mine was the giraffes.

Afterwords since we were so close to the lake, we went on the pier to look around. It was actually pretty interesting to see from the left and right because you could see Ohio on each side. Basically Ohio is a heart shaped, which is why it was/is called "The heart of it all". Cleveland is almost at the bottom of the point. Make sense? Sorry if it isn't, you can look it up on a map if it helps a little. 

Outfit Post and lifestyle in one?! No way! Shirt is from wet seal (it's a size too big and I start to notice it after a while of wearing it for the day, it gets baggy). Jeans are from Macy's. Converse is from Kohl's. Purse Wet Seal. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ootd: quick quick

tank: charlotte russe
brown tank: wet seal
white shorts: walmart

Easily the fastest outfit I put on without giving much thought into it.
No long story to go along with it either. It's just an outfit going out to lunch. Simple as that :)

heavns to betsy!

Remember how I told you that I spent the beginning of my day on the cow farm? Well, here is the proof! Cows galore! Older cows, pregnant cows, teen cows, baby cows. So many cows! I think my favorite was letting the baby cow suck my finger. Don't worry, my boyfriend checked to see if it had any teeth before I did.

And that is the fireworks. Small but that's okay. I still enjoyed it.