Tuesday, May 29, 2012

play ball!

Hello everyone! Yesterday was memorial day here in The States and my family went to the Indians game. It was a lot of fun, and of course we WON!!! :D
The Indians are our local professional baseball team in Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully, as most of you know, baseball is ''America's favorite past time''. Well hopefully I said that correctly. Honestly, I prefer football (american) over baseball but going to a game every once in a while is still interesting.
We had amazing seats right behind home base. The only few down sides to this game are: the couple infront of my sister and I kept getting up randomly throughout the game - got annoying, it was hot hot hot out - like high 90 degrees, and I got a little burnt - which I figured would happen.

PS: sorry for my messy, frizzy, gross hair. I hhaaddd to put it up. You would've too. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

ootd: cloudy skies

(sweater: wet seal. purple tank: wet seal. jeans: kohls)

Everytime I post an outfit post, I'm starting to realize I buy most of my clothes at Wet Seal! I do love that place. Today is pretty much a cloudy day, we are supposed to get hit with a big storm later on. But right now it's not too bad out. Don't necessarily need the sweater really. But it is extremely comfortable - it's about two sizes too big though but that's why I love it.

Usually with my shirts though I like them to be over sized. Not to the point where I'm swimming in them, but enough where it's extremely comfortable and yet still cute. The fact that these sleeves are longer than my arms made me so happy. I tend to stretch them out whenever I get a long sleeved shirt because I like to hold the fabric in my hand for extra warmth.

Last but not least, the nails. Finally purchased coral/peach nailpolish recently. My intention to go to the store was for a mint color but they were all out. But this one was on my wishlist. I think it's very lovely and bright, perfect for spring and summer! Maybe even autumn because of the warm orangey undertone to it.

Later on though my boyfriend is coming over to do some more work on our kitchen (I will show some pictures in about a week or so. We only have half a hole in our wall for a door right now. Nothing too exciting).

Sorry for talking a lot of about our kitchen, I think it's just so exciting. I finally have my "home improvement" show in my house, but with no camera crew though. Ha! And it will take a month or so to get done, not an hour. Oh well.