Saturday, April 28, 2012

ootd: with the sun on your nails

(sweater: charlotte russe. black tank: wet seal. jeans: kohls)

I know, I know. I haven't posted for about a week now but I was away from my computer this entire week. I hope everyone is doing well though! Anyway. Today is a family get to gathering day. Even though it was cold and rainy out, I wanted to brighten the day up a little with my nails. We called it the "cantaloupe & watermelon" nails because that is something we had.
The sweater I am wearing in the above pictures is the one in the previous post  I got for five dollars. It is such an amazing sweater. It's so warm and comfortable. So glad I got it!
Sorry I haven't been updating this as much as I should, but I promise I will!

Friday, April 13, 2012

ootd: i gave my all

(shirt - kohls. jeans - kohls. boots - charlotte russe. puppy feet - Dougy)

Hellooo there!!! Long time no see :]
So as you know, it was my birthday on Monday and I recently just turned twenty-two ( i will do a post for my gifts but not today. waahhh i know ). I did get a few gift cards and I am deciding on what to get with them. Probably jeans because I've lost some weight and the jeans I own now are starting to get baggy. Trust me, I'm eating A LOT but I'm still losing weight. Shouldn't complain though. And I absolutely love the fact my hair has a red tint in it. I totally messed it up and after the Malibu treatment it got so much color in it. So far, I love it. But I am still thinking of doing ombre hair. What do you thimk?

I hope everyone's weekends are going to be great!!

(ps. yes, I am aware I take a ton of pictures of my dog, or there are a ton with him in them, but he is my little shadow and sometimes he gets in my way. look for the last picture in this post for the example. i am not trying to show him off or go "look at my adoorrable little puppy").

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ootd: fringe

(jeans: rue 21. tops: wet seal)

Well hello! After talking to my sister on Skype for about an hour or so, I decided to finally make dinner and take some pictuahss (pictures). I haven't worn this top in quite some time. I think it's gorgeous. So since my birthday is coming up in less then a week (woo-hooo!!), my aunt called me up and asked if I wanted to go out with her to get a few drinks. I'm totally thinking of going with her since we hardly see each other, it's usually about once or twice a year.
And yay! For a decent camera now to take better pictures then my webcam! Ha.

i see trees of green, red roses too

(jeans and boots: kohls. pink top and cardi: wet seal. purse: marshalls)

Shhhhh!!! I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I just really wanted to upload this right now :)
But anywaayy! I'm trying to steer away from black shirts, even though I have enough, because since my hair is soooo dark it feels too.. well.. dark for me. But this is just a simple, cute, casual, comfy outfit for the day.
Not really any accesories are on me besides the usual. Ie; hair tie, sunglasses, my dads ring, and my piercings (nose, monroe, belly button, double ear, cardilage: 8 all together).