Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super simple nails!!!

- Cut up pieces of your newspaper, just a little larger then your nail.
- Put rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol) in a small bowl, enough to dip your entire nail in.
- Paint your nails with a light, neutral color. Some do a grey-like color, I did a coffee/cappuccino color. (put as many coats as you would like, I did three/four)
- Once dry, dip your nail in the bowl of rubbing alcohol for about 10 seconds.
- Place the newspaper on the nail (the longer you hold it, the more ink shows up. 20 seconds - kind of faded, 30 - 50 seconds - more defined).
- Do that for all your nails, then put clear nail polish on top to set it all. If you don't do this, the ink of the newspaper will just fade away.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

i am all for laugh lines and crows feet.

No matter what. If you have freckles or no freckles, straight vs curly hair, tall or short, skinny or heavier; people will never be happy with what they were given

(not a photo of myself)

But when they're 60years old, sitting around looking at old pictures. They will always say "I wish I still had...". No matter what. So be happy with what you have, because later on you will wish you had it back.
I am very well aware of the fact that I dye my hair different colors, I change my wardrobe because of the seasons, and diet to lose a few pounds. But in the end, I will never go get plastic surgery when I'm a few years older. I want to be an elder with laugh lines and crows feet, so when my grand-kids see me, they know I was happy in my life.